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J.B. asks from St. Louis

Is there anything I can give my 15 month old for his runny nose and cough? Little guy has been sick for three days now and is not sleeping well at night. I've tried s...


Medicine Ok While Breastfeeding

J.B. asks from Medford

I am a new mother, and have a very sore throat. I was wondering what is safe to take while breast feeding, are cough drops ok? Also my little guy seems not to be ea...


Safe Medicine

B.M. asks from New York

Is it safe for a three year old to take Nyquil when they're sick?


Quitting Smoking

M.A. asks from Jackson

I have read a few months ago about a quitting smoking pill that cost about 120.00 a month that was available by prescription. I was trying to find out what this medi...


14 Month Old Daughter Is Sick

J.R. asks from Provo

My daughter is sick, it's so hard to hear her cough. The only medicine I can find for her age is a decongestant. When she coughs, I can hear the mucas in her throat, ...


Help Getting Toddler to Take Medicine

R.B. asks from Greensboro

My son, who will be three next month, has to take antibiotics three times a day for an infection. Once he received the first dose and realized how terrible it tastes...


Giving My Five Mo. Old Medicine

M.S. asks from Wichita

My daughter is five months old. It's her first time being pretty sick with an upper respirator infection and ear infection. I have to give her 3.5 ml of antibiotic ...


HELP!!! What Is This Rash???

K.L. asks from Chicago

I'm losing my mind over this one. My big question is: HAS ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE THIS? During the summer of my pregnancy back in 2007 I developed an...


How to Get 2 & 4 Year Old to Take Yucky-tasing Medicine?

S.S. asks from Sacramento

My 4 and 2 year old are both sick with coughs - doesn't seem serious, but I'm having a hard time getting them to take the supposedly "yummy" medicine - I've tried mix...



J.D. asks from Seattle

So I have a almost 6 month old boy and he has been wheezing and breathing rough since he was 4 months old. I am wondering if any one else has experienced this with th...

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