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Scab Picking Has Turned Tiny Bugbites into Massive Craters, HELP!

C.L. asks from Boston

I just don't know what to do with my 7 year old daughter. Layers of band aids, liquid band aids and alcahol won't keep her from digging at herself and turning her tin...


How Much Liquid for a 1 Year Old

K.K. asks from Longview

I recently took my 1 year old to the doctor for her 1 yr check up. She was still taking 4 or 5 bottles a day and small amounts of solids. He said to get her off the ...


Food for an Almost 8 Month Old

M.B. asks from Chicago

I am struggling finding consistent information about what kinds of foods I can feed my 8 month old girl. As well, I am looking for some sort of basic schedule for sol...


"My 9 Month Old Weaned Herself off Her Bottles"

S.Y. asks from Seattle

My 9 month old went to a feeding specialist after having six days of not wanting a bottle. The specialist had concluded that my 9 month old weaned herself off bottle...


Infant Liquid Vitamins

A.C. asks from Allentown

I just started giving my son these vitamins. They are absolutely horrible tasting. He hates them and I don't blame him. I realize that he needs them though and wou...


Liquid Formula vs Powdered

S.D. asks from Portland

Can anyone tell me if liquid enfamil formula is equally as good in nutrients etc as the powdered version. I have only used powdered but someone offred me some free l...


Infant Won't Take Liquids from Cup

R.P. asks from Grand Rapids

Our son will turn 1 next week (soooooo exciting!). I have been breastfeeding him since he was born. He took a bottle really easily from about two weeks of age on and ...


Cold Medicine That Dissolves in Mouth for a 2Yr Old????

C.Z. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mama's, I need some help for my neighbor. His 2 year old has a cold and is refusing and is doing anything to NOT take any sort of liquid or any medication. I re...


Child Having Upset Stomach Issues

D.M. asks from Topeka

My 7 year old daughter has been ill for about the past week or so and with a low grade fever and upset stomach. I took her to the hospital and he said she has irrita...


We Still Breastfeed.

A.S. asks from Phoenix

I need some advise. I have one little boy.. he is 20 months old and he is still breastfeeding.. mainly just at nights.. but whenever he's with mom and feels like it ...

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