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Baby Doesn't Seem to like the Left Side... ?!?

S.H. asks from Dallas

Baby girl, 3 months old, has been refusing and weirdly, chewing, but not nursing on the left side, but won't sit still & nurse. When I switch her to the right side, s...


Gas Pain in 2 Month Old Infant

D.W. asks from Kansas City

Ever since my 2 month old son was born he has had terrible gas and gas pain! I breastfeed and assumed the problem was with my milk so I asked a lactation consultant. ...


One Sided Nursing

K.H. asks from Seattle

Hello fellow moms, I've posted before about the breastfeeding questions/issues I've had and you have all been so helpful. I have one more for you that I could use y...


Should I Wean My 1 Year Old from the Breast?

C.A. asks from Provo

My 13 month old baby is in the 10th percentile for weight, and he has always been around 50th before. He nurses a lot, but does not eat a whole lot of solid food. I...


Trouble Latching On

J.R. asks from Oklahoma City

I have a 3 week old son that I'm breastfeeding and I'm having some issues getting him to latch on properly.He's latching, just incorrectly. He is getting plenty to ea...


Help with Lactation and Formula!

T.C. asks from Birmingham

I have a 7-month-old son who is on breastmilk. I returned to work 4 months ago, and have been able to keep feeding my son breastmilk by using a breast pump. However...


Weaning My 3 Month Old from a Nipple Shield

B.A. asks from Los Angeles

While in the hospital, my lactation consultant gave me a nipple shield for my "flat" nipples- I would like to still breastfeed, but for convenience reasons- without t...


Are There Ways to Increase Supply When the Baby Is Already 4 Months?

J.A. asks from Los Angeles

I guess the title explains the majority of it. I will flat out admit that part of my problem is likely depression related. In his short life, he has already been to 2...


Milk Production Slowing Too Much

K.M. asks from Modesto

I recently had (am still getting over) Thrush. The pain during feeding caused me to pump only two times a day. Sometimes only once a day. Now I'm getting better but I...


Seeking Lactation Consultant in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area

S.J. asks from Dallas

New mom of one week old baby boy. Having problems with latching while nursing. Any tips or professional recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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