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Baby Sleeping Less, More Irritable, Not Weighing as Much....

M.C. asks from Denver

So, my wonderful daughter has been getting up earlier and earlier the past three days. Normally, I would go wake her at 6am after sleeping about 10 hours, feed her, a...


Daughter Having Issues at Kindergarten.

E.H. asks from Saginaw

My daughter is in kindergarten and the last week and a half she has been having serious problems getting her work done and with angry outbursts. She has always had so...


Could It Be #3?

A.B. asks from Amarillo

Hi Mommies! First of all, both my pregnancies have been perfect! I loved being pregnant both times and both deliveries went smoothly. My husband and I were blessed...


Discipline Advice for My 16Y

S.H. asks from Seattle

Am I being too hard on my 16 year old daughter? She is a good girl, but hasn't gotten "lazy" (or unmotivated?) over the last few years with school. She's used to e...


Looking for Birth Control Recommendations

J.E. asks from Dallas

I currently use the mini-pill, however, it causes me to break out. The regular pills don't agree with me. Let's just say I'm a bit more irritable (and I still break...


12 Year Old Son Having Trouble Sleeping Well

A.V. asks from Knoxville

My 12 year old has never been much of a sleeper, but his sleeping seems to be getting worse as he gets older. He takes a while to fall asleep (we try an earlier bedti...


Seeking Others Input on Baby with Roseola

S.A. asks from Jonesboro

Hello Moms, I am very frustrated, I don't know what to do. My sweet baby boy has become sooooo irritable this week. He has run fever, doctor checked him on Monday ...


Has Anyone Even Dealt with Having an Irritable Uterus?

D.B. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello. I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago w/an irritable uterus. I was just wondering if anyone has ever dealt w/an irritable uterus and if so what you experienced ...


The No Nap Baby!

J.G. asks from Chattanooga

My daughter is just 9 months old. She went from pretty regular naps. Once to twice a day to none at all. I can't handle it. She's fussy and irritable. Won't let ...


Mental and Physical Recovery Time?

C.B. asks from Kansas City

ok i'll try to make this short and sweet - my son (2 years 9 months) last week had hand, foot, and mouth disease. well his luck, it was ALL in his mouth. he had upwar...

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