intrauterine device

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M.A. asks from New York

Hi i got an IUD inserted in march 2006 everything was going fine until recently where i get bad cramps and my abdomen really hurts all the time. does anyone have any...


Birth Control Advice

T.S. asks from Chicago

I was supposed to get my tubes tied when I delivered our son on 8/14, but due to pre-eclampsia and a low platelette count in my blood, my OB/GYN didn't want to do the...


How is your experience with paragard vs. Mirena?

L.B. asks from Wichita

I can't decide on which IUD to use. I really liked the sound of paragard (copper t) because it doesn't use hormones, but my ob/gyn said women had horrible painful lon...


IUD Experience

C.C. asks from Rochester

I was considering switching from birth control pills to an IUD. Does anyone have experience with an IUD. I don't know anyone who has tried it. I recently tried the sh...

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