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Help! 14 Month Old Hitting Other Kids and Teachers at Daycare

M.J. asks from Chicago

My 14 month old little boy is every active and playful except we get reports that when he is at daycare he constantly hits! In fact when we drop him off in the mornin...


18 Month Throwing Fits...

T.A. asks from Portland

Hello, SO here we go. lately my lil guy has decided that he wants to throw the biggest fits when he doesnt get his way. which i know is normal but its driving me cra...


Giving up Naps/Behavior

J.G. asks from Philadelphia

For about a month now my 2 1/2 year old hasn't really been taking her naps (only occassionally). She will only spend quiet time in her room. My problem is ever sinc...


My Boxing Baby

C.S. asks from Salt Lake City

i have a 22 month old who hits any child anywhere anytime. i know it is a "phase" but there has to be something i can do to get her to stop. ive tried explaining tha...


School Bully

J.Y. asks from Jackson

My child, who is 15 and 140 pounds, was beaten by a 200 plus 6ft football player. They started out joking and the bigger child got mad. He broke my son nose, fractur...


18 Month Old Bangs Head Badly..... HELPPPPP!

K.W. asks from Albuquerque

Hello MOMs, I have a friend who has a son, and he is 18 mo's old and for some reason he has a real issue with hitting is head, which then causes bad bruises on his h...


I Need Help Disciplining My Crazy 3 Year Old

A.S. asks from Salt Lake City

My 3 year old son is driving me insane. He continues to misbehave despite many attempts on my part to discipline him. He is an extremely active boy, always running ...

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