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Help! My 21 Month Old Is Sooo Frustrated and Is Acting like a Neanderthal!

H.N. asks from Chicago

Moms, please help! I have a 21 month old boy who use to be such a happy boy. Unfortunately for the last 3 months, he has been miserable 50-60% of his day. When I...


Hitting, Talking Back and Annoying or Starting It.

D.M. asks from Steubenville

I have tried everthing. My 6 yr.old son will not stop hitting his sisters. When he gets frustratd upset or just mad about anything that is his first reaction. Now he ...


2.5 Year Old Out of Control with New Baby in the House

A.M. asks from Milwaukee

I'm looking for help and support here fellow Mama's. I am the proud mom to a 2.5 year old son and we just had another son who turns 6 weeks old today. I knew to exp...


Son Won't Listen and Talks Back... Need Help!

E.M. asks from Lawton

My son Kalub is 20 months. He has just started to talk back and be mean. He will tell me to shup up and hit and bite me. I can put him into timeout but he will just s...


Twins Hit Each Other -- Help!

E.L. asks from San Francisco

My boys are now 2-years-old and recently they started to get into fights with each other. Or more frequently one twin hits the other and the first twin cries. It seem...


Help - My 10 Mo Old Is VERY Cranky. Cries, Bites Hits

K.B. asks from Phoenix

My son is now almost 11 mo old and has always been "high maintenance" He cried pretty much non stop for the first 4 months, and none of the doctors could ever give m...


Change in Sleep Patterns???

T.M. asks from Tampa

Hello All. My 19 mth old daughter has started at new thing at night. She use to go down for her nap and bedtime without a problem at all. Now, everytime I put her do...


Best Friend with Different Parenting Style

L.M. asks from Houston

Hello all. I am troubled and would like your help. I have a toddler and my best friend has a young child and a toddler. The children spend quite a lot of time to...


Advice... I Want Your Opinion!

N.F. asks from Los Angeles

ok, here is my question, my 3yr old son is the baby of the family and is a mommas boy. I am recently divorced, it's been 1 1/2 years. We, my ex and I both have star...


Son Getting Slapped by Other Child at Daycare (Sorry It's a Little Long)

A.R. asks from Milwaukee

Today my husband dropped our son off at daycare, when my son got into his room he went to put some books away and a kid came up to him and slapped my son on the face....

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