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Safety Gates for Top of Stairs

R.M. asks from Nashville

My husband and I are searching and searching for the right gate to install and to be homest I am overwhelmed at the different ones on the market. I have gone by what ...


Productivity Tips with Toddler

J.R. asks from Minneapolis

I probably should have asked this question long ago, when my daughter first started getting out of her safe area. Since I have no longer been able to barricade her in...


Baby Gate for Bottom of Stairs

K.H. asks from Denver

I am having a problem finding a baby gate for my stairs. The opening is 59' wide. The other problem I have is that I have square, iron rod banisters on the staircase...


Seeking a Good Baby Gate!

A.K. asks from Los Angeles

My 7 month old is moving moving moving! I need something to pen her in. I think we need a gate. I think she would be pissed if I put her in a playpen. New gates are so...


Which Baby Gate You Do like the Best??

K.B. asks from Minneapolis

We are in need of another baby gate for our hall way. We would like one that mounts to the wall as I don't care for the pressure mount ones. I have had a few differe...


Free Standing Baby Gate Advice?

C.R. asks from Chicago

I need to buy a baby gate to go around a large bird cage and am hoping for some advice. Ideally we would like one that is free standing but am wondering if people hav...


Need Baby Gate - Top Stairs - Wall on One Side & 5Inch Dry Wall Section on Other

N.R. asks from Chicago

I am looking for recommendations for a top the stair gate that can be mounted (preferrably, without drilling into walls). The bannister ( if I may call it) is a dry w...


How to "House-proof the Baby"

V.B. asks from Los Angeles

Good evening Moms! I was wondering if any of you had tips on how to "house-proof the baby". I have gates up to block off rooms that he is not allowed into. I have ever...


Baby Gate for Stairs

K.K. asks from St. Louis

Hi, I'm looking for a baby gate that will work well with stairs that have a banister on both sides. I've found tension-mounted gates for doorways, as well as some that...


Baby Gate Help

C.C. asks from Philadelphia

I am moving my 3yr old sons room upstairs into the loft - the top of the stairs has no door. Putting a door in isn't an option as one of the walls in only a half wall...

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