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My Husband's Email Address I Didn't Know of..chatting W/gals Is This Cheating?

P.T. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas! Just found out my husband has an email address that I didn't know about. As I'm sure some of you would've done, I logged in and found out he was chatting ...


New SAHM...need Ideas!

D.S. asks from Dallas

Hey ladies, this is a little long, sorry! We are making a huge life change!! Beginning now I am officially a stay at home mom...woohoo!! While my husband & I are v...


Email for My 9 Year Old??

J.M. asks from San Francisco

Hi moms, my nine year old daughter wants her own email address like her friends. I am against it but don't know if this is the norm out there or not. I don't want h...


Email Address for 8 Year Old

F.B. asks from Harrisburg

My mother has told me that one of her husband's grandsons would like to be an email penpal to my 8 year old daughter. She has suggested to me that my daughter is old...


Seeking Cleaning Woman in Media, Delaware County--Help!!

L. asks from Philadelphia

My long-time cleaning woman has gotten ill and I am at a loss to find someone who is responsible, reliable, and really good. Agencies quote an enormous amount and I p...


Email Addresses for Children

L.B. asks from St. Louis

My 12 year old has been asking for her own email address. She does not have her own computer, but she is able to use mine. I would like to limit her exposure to...


In Need of Some Art & Crafts New Ideas for My Toddlers!!!!

V.R. asks from Orlando

Hi everyone; I'm a 24 years old realible and very loving babysitter. I'm currently babysitting in my apartment two wonderful little girls ages 2 years old every da...


Baby Furniture Pictures

E.W. asks from Dallas

Re: Room Full of Baby Furniture for Sale.... I am unable to send pictures to a few of you who have replied because I don't have your email address. "Mamasource" ...

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