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Need Advice on Good Deodorant/antiperspirant or Alternative

C.L. asks from Houston

Hello Ladies! I need some help/advice on a somewhat embarrasing subject. My 3rd and final baby has turned 1. Ever since I had her, my armpits have been horrible!!!! I...


How to Introduce 11 Year Old Boy to Proper Showering and Deodorant - Need Advice

M.M. asks from Detroit

My son showed me his underarms the other day and they were bright red with a rash and some dirt/fibers built up. Yikes! I felt horrible!! I've shown him how to sho...


Body Odor on My 4-Year-old

C.L. asks from Dallas

My 4-year-old has body odor! The girl should probably wear deodorant; although, I haven't gone that route just yet. Has anyone else dealt with this? A good washing u...


Sweat Stains on Scrub Tops

T.H. asks from Bismarck

I recently noticed that the armpits in my scrub tops have sweat stains on them! I was apalled to see this because I didn't know that I sweat that much. It has left ...


NR For Deodorant

C.B. asks from San Diego

This may seem silly, but does anyone have a good recommendation for a deodorant? I am 5 months pregnant and I usually use the Trader Joes brand with no problem. It'...


Perspiration Problem, Need a Good Deodorant

C.F. asks from Miami

Hi, ladies! At the risk of sounding "unlady like" and gross, I need some help conquering my perspiration problem. My daughter is almost 7 months old, and since she's ...


Body Odor

K.L. asks from Melbourne

I have a 5 month old son, I recently started him on solids, but I am still breastfeeding. My problem is recently my deodorant is not working. I've tried 3 different k...


"Desperately Seeking a Good Deodorant/antiperspirant"

R.B. asks from Pittsburgh

I am desperate for a deodorant/antiperspirant that REALLY works. Ever since I became pregnant and had my son two years ago, I sweat profusely. Now, I'm talking the ...


How to Get Rid of Bumps

J.S. asks from Springfield

This is going to sound really nasty (or incredibly humorous, depending on the person), but I've tried everything I can think of. My skin is really bumpy on my underar...


Sensitivity to Deoderant

Y.I. asks from Dallas

For years I used the deoderant Secret and it worked great. Then about a year ago I became sensitive to it and started itching from it. I tried all of the other deode...

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