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Looking for Home Entertaining Items/Gifts

J.S. asks from Chicago

Hi, I have a some friends who are getting married, moving into a new home, and also are re-decorating and would like to give them something fresh, stylish, but not j...


Crafty Shower: Anyone Tried Decorating Onesies & Bibs?

K.K. asks from Phoenix

Hi, crafty ladies. I'm throwing a shower for a friend in about two weeks. We're thinking that instead of the usual shower games, we'd have a craft or two for people t...


Treasure Island Party

L.B. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Moms, I am decorating my son's school cafeteria for a Treasure Island-themed party. Everyone is invited to come dressed as a friendly pirate. So far, I have fou...


Halloween Birthday Ideas

K.S. asks from Chicago

My soon to be 3 year old son was born on Halloween. This will be our first year actually celebrating his birthday on Halloween though. We invited our friends and fa...


Ideas for a Two-year-old's "Car/truck" Birthday Party

K.M. asks from Kansas City

Hello, Mamas: This has probably been asked before, but I'm trying to plan my son's birthday party coming up in a few weeks. I decided to use a "car/truck" theme (tr...


Cake Making

M.C. asks from Dallas

i recently made a birthday cake for my daughter. i got a crazy idea in my head to make a 4 tier cake with decorations for her spongebob party. i have never done anyth...


Decorating for Soldier

C.M. asks from Fayetteville

I've got a soldier coming home soon and would like to decorate our front window for him. What's the best medium to use? I've heard of people using white shoe polish, ...


Seeking Tips on Decorating Childs Room

L.O. asks from Detroit

My daughter is 3 and just moved into a toddler bed.. I think it is time to decorate her room. I am considering wallpaper or rag painting. Which would be better and mo...


Need Decorating Advice

N.S. asks from Boston

I am totally NOT creative. My 4 year old is still living in a white room because I counldn't come up with any ideas for his room. My first child did get a tradition...


Looking for a Bakery in Fort Worth That Makes LARGE Custom Cakes

J.M. asks from Dallas

I am looking to feed cake to about 300 people and need to find a bakery that will decorate full sheets with our company logo or other art work.

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