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Teen Curfew

T.D. asks from Chicago

Myself & 17yo daugther cant seem to get this curfew thing together! I have changed this time MANT MANY times due to her breaking the rule which has been for this past...


16Yr Old Rules

S.S. asks from Dallas

My 16yr old niece will be coming to live with us in Aug (before school starts). It's has been a while since I was younger and I was in a broken family and did what I...


Curfew and Other Issues for 16 Year Olds and Older

P.W. asks from San Francisco

I am interested in your experience with a daughter 16 years or older who has her driver's license. What kind of tabs do you keep on her? What are your rules? If yo...


Need Advice on Getting Stuck in the Middle of Battles Between Daughter and Hubby

J.S. asks from Chicago

Ok, I'll try to make this short. I'm stuck in the middle here between our almost 16 yr old daughter and my husband's "over-protective" nature. We also have a son, 18,...


Curfew Advice

M.C. asks from Las Vegas

Hi moms: I have a question for those of you with teenagers. What time have you set for your 17 year old to be home on a school night and also the weekend nights? ...


Fair Curfew

S.G. asks from Kansas City

Hello Ladies, Here is my problem. My 18yod has just started college and living at home. We have given her a midnight cerfew(which for the most part she meets). On...


18Yrs Old Son, Still at Home and in High School

M.G. asks from Des Moines

my oldest son just turned 18yrs old. i was wanting to know any advice on what to tell him about curfew, and home rules ect. do they stay the same? or what? he will be...


How Do I Get Girl Time?

K.S. asks from Salt Lake City

First off, let me say that I love my husband to death, and I know he absolutely loves me too. The problem is, he is a gamer. He gets with his guy buddies every other ...


Disrespectful Teens in South Fort Worth Area

E.W. asks from Dallas

I have two teen daughters, ages 15 and 19. My 19 year old wants to run around and stay out all night. Just recently my 15 year old moved back home with us after livin...


Dating Advice for Mom of 16 Year Old Girl

L.F. asks from San Diego

It looks like my 16 year old (17 in Dec.) daughter is starting her first relationship with a boy (just turned 18). I know both the boy and his parents. Do any mothe...

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