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Recommended Cough Medicine for 2 Year Old

A.H. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all, My daughter has a horrible cough due to nasal drainage. With all the scares going on about giving kids under 6 cough and cold medicine, I'm leery. Is the...


Won't Stop Coughing

P.T. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, My 4 year old son started with slight cough a couple of days ago. It's been about 5 days now and his cough is getting a bit worse. He has a consistent, non...


Cold Remedy?

S. asks from St. Louis

Any good tried and true help for infants with colds? Since the cold meds have been taken off the market, I don't want to use them anymore (even though my pediatrician...


8 Month Old Has Mild Croup

M.I. asks from New York

Hi! My 8 month old has mild croup. Pediatrician gave us scripts for steroids (prednisolone) and a cough suppressant. I started the steroids last night (he gets 6 d...


Mom with Long Term Coughing Fits

C.O. asks from Dallas

My mother is in her early 70's. She has been having continual coughing problems for a long time. Almost to the point that it sounds like she might cough up a lung. ...


Cough That Won't Go Away

S.T. asks from Denver

Hello, my 19 month old daughter has had a cough for the last three months. The severity of it has fluctuated from a bothersome tickle to keeping her up all night. A r...


Vicks Vaporub

B.E. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Mamas!! My baby Isaac is going to be 2 in April. I know there are no medicines for babies who are sick but his cough is just terrible. It wakes him up so frequentl...


Dry Hacking Cough and Runny Nose!

K.C. asks from Portland

My 4 1/2 yr. old has a dry, hacking cough and a runny nose...we are uninsured at this time, so if this is not an emergency, I am not inclined to take him in yet. What...


20 Mo. Old with Horrible Cough

S.K. asks from Dallas

Hey ladies, I need some advice on how to help my little boy with this terrible cough he has. I've talked to the pediatrician's office, and they told me all the "use ...


Coughing for 2 Months

M.M. asks from Chicago

My son has had this cough for over two months but it has not improved. It gets so bad he turns dark red during these coughing spells his dr said he just holds on to v...

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