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Death at a Young Age

E.M. asks from Orlando

As everyone must know by now, about the stabbing death the occurred yesterday of the 15 year boy Michael Nieves. Well, my son seems to be taking this hard. Last night...


Being Prepared

T.L. asks from Dallas

In the past, I have witnessed other people I know be at a total loss when their husband or parents die unexpectedly. I would like to be prepared if something like tha...


Taking a 16-Month-old to a Funeral?

L.H. asks from Raleigh

Hi everyone - My aunt passed away a few days ago - she was in her early 50s and it was a complete shock to everyone. They're still not sure cause of death but the...


Funeral Out of State

A.G. asks from Raleigh

Need a little help grandmother is currently on 24 hour hospice care and not expected to make it through the weekend. Thankfully we were able to go see her ...


Coping with Death

J.G. asks from Savannah

Hi my son is 14 yrs old and it as been almost 8 days since his best friend killed himself,I took him to the visiation, and funeral, let him do as he needed with the o...



I.B. asks from Springfield

My beautiful 26 year old son was killed in a car accident on October 6th. I would like to talk to other mothers who have lost children.


Does Anyone Know of a Good Christian Counselor?

C.M. asks from Dallas

I have a family member that needs some help with a death. I believe he is shock and needs some kind of therapy. He is going to go to a counselor.I'm thinking that it ...


How to Support Greiving Husband

N.V. asks from Las Vegas

My sensitive husband recently lost one of his high school buddies in the past week, and I am having a hard time helping him deal with this loss. He is not normally a ...


Coping with Death

M.B. asks from Abilene

I lost one of the most precious person in my life on Wed., my grandmother(Nana). Her funeral was on Fri. My stepmom passed away last night on Sun. I don't think I can...


Need Help to Help My Daughter Cope with Death

A.D. asks from Fort Myers

A few days ago a very close friend of our family passed away. It was a surprise to us all. I sat my 6 year old daughter down to talk with her about it. This was not t...

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