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Allergies or Cold?

D.B. asks from Birmingham

I have a six month old girl and she seems to constantly have a cold. She had a cold for two weeks, then two days with no symptoms then another week of cold symptoms. ...


16 Month Old Teething and Now Has a Cold!!!!!

J.M. asks from Tucson

Hi Girls, My Big Boy is getting some molars and is in pain and now to top it off he has a cold!!!!! Low grade fever lots of stuffiness and not eating!!!! I am giving ...


Cold Rotations

Z.A. asks from Charlotte

Hi, I have been juggling colds and other congestions with my kids. My 4 year old always seems to be congested. The pediatrician suggested that it was allergies and to...


Dark Circles

L.M. asks from San Francisco

Lately I've noticed that my one year old has dark circles under her eyes. At times her eyes look a little red too (the skin around it, not the eyeball itself). I aske...


My Baby Is Sooo Sick

D.A. asks from New York

ok i might be a little paranoid but my daughter is 5 months and she has had a fever of 102.4 yesterday and 2 days ago as well she has a bad cough and lots of phlem an...


6 Month Old Really Congested; Help!

A.G. asks from Lakeland

My 6 month old little girl randomly came down with a crappy cold, her nose is constantly running, and when she nurses she has to take a break every so many seconds so...


Separation Anxiety and Sleeping

A.M. asks from Indianapolis

Hi, this is my first post. My question revolves around my son who is 19 months old. He's a pretty easy going kid and all around typical little boy his age. Sleepin...


URGENT BurrRidge Area Ped ASAP

T.P. asks from Chicago

Hi ladies. My ex and i have started sharing time with our son. I live in Texas and currently he is in Burr Ridge. I need to find a good pediatrician for our son who...


Toddler Vs. Inhaler

A.H. asks from Cleveland

I took my then 15m/0 dtr. to the MD in the spring b/c she seemed to have a cold that lasted 4ever. When I described that she only had trouble with the coughing when ...


Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs

S.E. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all you smart mamas out there - does anyone have any tried and true technique to boiling hard boiled eggs whose shells will peel off easily? I've tried running th...

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