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The Terrible 8 Months

D.S. asks from Dallas

Okay, I've heard of the terrible 2's. What about the terrible 8 months. My son is 8 months old and has temper tantrums (sp?). Is this normal?



C.C. asks from San Diego

My girldfriend which is the grandmother and main caregiver for her "just turned" 8 month granddaughter, came to work and said the baby had started walking. I've know...


8 Months and Not Sitting on His Own

L.C. asks from Peoria

Hello, My "little man" is 8 months old. I call him a "little man" because he weights 27 pounds and is about 32 inches long. When he was born he weighted 9.13. Whe...


8 Months Old and Not Sleeping

C.B. asks from Madison

I have an 8 month old girl who will. not. sleep. She doesn't nap for more than 20 minutes or so twice a day, and is up all night long. She sometimes will make it for ...


Milk Consumption for 8 Months

S.D. asks from Portland

OUr twins are now 8 months old. They have been eating solids since 4 1/2 months and eat well 3 times a day. They, one of them particularly, really does not consum...


HELP!! With 8 Months Old Sleep...

I.D. asks from Miami

My son has been sleeping through the night since he was 4 months....i believe in Dr.'s Ferber Method and i let him CIO...and he would sleep from 7:30 - 8:00 Pm unil ...


Is 8 Months Baby Is Too Young to Eat Bread by Her Own

S.M. asks from New York

My girl is almost 8 months. I'm giving her cereal and veggie and fruit puree. I wonder whether I can give her a piece of bread to eat all by herself. Is she too young...


8 Months and No Teeth Yet....

C.V. asks from New York

Hey, my daughter will be 9 months on may 18th and not one tooth has come in yet ... anyone elses child's teeth come in late??


No Teeth at 8 Months

M.S. asks from Omaha

Hello, My 8 month old daughter has no teeth. Wondering if this is normal. My husband and I are worried that she doesn't even have any - at all! That would kinda be...


Anyone Still Swaddle at 8 Months?

E.N. asks from Eugene

Not concerned, just curious :) We still swaddle our son at 8 months and he sleeps well. Anyone else swaddle this long? Also, how do you do it? Miracle blanket (still ...

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