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7 Months Old Baby

B.B. asks from Chicago

My 7 months old son is spoiled to death. I can't do anything, i cant go anywhere. He always wants to be held by me and nobody else. What do i do to break him from thi...


Flight and 7 Months Old

I.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hi ladies, can you give me any good advice or tips how to fly with 7 months old baby? need benadryl or,......... it will be long flight 12 hrs and i will fly alone wi...


Baby Not Kicking at 7 Months..

E.S. asks from Washington DC

I'm 7 months along and I haven't been feeling my baby move lately. Is this normal or should I be worried? He may kick once a day, but that's it. I've tried lying on...


Temper Tantrum 7 Months

J.C. asks from Dallas

Has anyone experienced this??? My son is just turning 7 months this week and for the past 3 or 4 days he has been doing this angry sounding noise when he is upset abo...


Am I Pregnant 7 Months Postpartum?

A.S. asks from Sarasota

I went to the bathroom today and noticed that my underwear was soaked in blood. It was a major surprise considering I am breastfeeding and I gave birth only 7 months ...


Best Formula for 7 Months Old

I.T. asks from Los Angeles

what is the best brand of formula for 7 months old? does it matter if its enfamil, gerber,.....? thank you


Best Play Station for 7 Months Old

I.T. asks from Los Angeles

hi, can you help me, i am looking for play station for my 7 months old and dont know which one is good, thank you


4 Teeth at 7 Months Old!!!

V.O. asks from Denver

Okay, the question is: Does anyone know if this is normal? I mean the first two yes.. but my daughter (7 months old) has 4 teeth, two on the bottom and two on the top...


7 Months Old Not in Crib Yet

C.J. asks from New York

This is my second time requesting some advice on getting my son to sleep in his crib. That was when he was about 5 months old. Now he is 7 months old and I am ready...


My Daughter Is 7 Months Old, but No Sign of Teething?

A.T. asks from Boston

My daughter has been giving us signs of teething (such as nibbling on her index finger, putting her tongue between upper and lower gums and making a chewing motion) f...

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