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11 Months and Refuses to Sleep at All

N.B. asks from Detroit

My daughter is 11 months old, she is healthy and walking. However, she will not sleep at night unless I am holding on to her. For about a month now she wakes up the m...


11 Months Old

A.M. asks from Milwaukee

Hey all! My son will be 11 months old on the 13th and I'm worried (of course) that I'm not feeding him what the "average" 11 month old should be eating. He's still ...


Too Much TV for 11 Months Old?

S.M. asks from New York

My baby is 11 months old and she watches TV for hours, standing and swinging side to side holding a furniture, about 6 feet away from TV. Most Her favourites are Mis...


11 months...tantrums??

C.W. asks from Redding

My 11 month old baby girl seems to be throwing a tantrum whenever she is told no or I take something that may harm her away. Its crazy! She gets mad, clinches her fis...


Starting Milk at 11 Months

T.O. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter will be 11 months soon and I have to go back to work in September. I would like to cut down breastfeeding so I don't have to pump during the day at work ...


It Is Okay to Wean at 11 Months?

K.G. asks from San Diego

I am posting this because it seems like most people have questions about their babies NOT wanting to wean, I seem to have the opposite problem: My DS just turned 11 ...


11 Months and Still Sooo Fussy!!!

C.M. asks from Portland

Hello all, My son is now 11 months old and he is still so fussy. I am not sure what to do. He doesn't sleep well at night, he still is nursing at least twice a nig...


Air Travel with 11 Months Old

E.W. asks from Chicago

Me and my 11 months old daughter air travelling for the first time. The flight is about 2 hrs. Momes any advise on what, how to pack for the baby? Is there any cover ...


11 Months Old and Ready for Milk?

S.G. asks from Rochester

My little girl is going to be 11 months old next week. She's pretty much given up on nursing except once at night or when she wakes up, and sometimes once during the ...


11 Months Old Too Soon for Cows Milk?

C.K. asks from Milwaukee

My daughter will be 11 months old in about a week. So far she has never had any formula, I have breastfed her and she takes pumped breastmilk in a bottle. I always ...

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