zyrtec when breastfeeding

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ZYRTEC - Is It Safe?

Jul 4, 2009 ... Read all 23 responses: "Our pediatrician has suggested Zyrtec for my son's ... Bottle & Breastfeeding · Digestion · Eating Disorders ...

When Zyrtec Is Not Enough...

When he comes home to us, we give him Zyrtec or Claritin or something, but many times he is in full .... Next question: Breastfeeding Moms W/allergies ...

Im Pregnant What Allerigy Meds Can I Take?

My OB let me take Zyrtec, Benedryl and any Tylenol products. I liked to take the Benedryl at night because it made me sleep .... Zyrtec and Breastfeeding ...

Pregnant W/ Pollen/dust Allergies - Meds??

I was given the same info about Zyrtec with my first pregnancy (I'm pregnant with my third) .... Breastfeeding Moms W/allergies ... Zyrtec and Breastfeeding ...

Almost 5 Month Old on Zyrtec and Pulmicort

The zyrtec seems to burn her throat, so i've taken to mixing it with a .... If you're breastfeeding, could you try cutting out all dairy products for a few ...

Is Taking a "Z Pack" Antibiotic Safe While Nursing?

Hi L., I'm a mother of three, breastfed all my kids. Z pack is safe. I'm also a Family Nurse Practitioner ... Breastfeeding and Zyrtec ...

Have Any of You Taken BENADRYL While Being Pregnant???

I currently take Zyrtec every day and my doctor assured me that if I get pregnant again this drug is also fine. ... Taking Medication While Breastfeeding ...

Allergies in 5 Year Old - Medication/side Effects?

Apr 27, 2009 ... My 5 year old takes Zyrtec at bedtime and it seems to work well for him. .... claritin breastfeeding · zyrtec for 3 year old ...

What Cold Medicine Is Safe While Nursing? Any?

Most over the counter meds, coricidin without antihistamine, zyrtec for colds, .... Next question: Help! I Am Getting a Cold and I Am Breastfeeding ...

Allergy Meds While Pregnant

I have been researching Zyrtec and Claritin (which I have taken in the past) and it looks like they are .... Next question: Breastfeeding Moms W/allergies ...
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  • get the medicine into her lungs in 2 answers "... in while crying and screaming actually help get the medicine into her lungs ..."
  • taking zyrtec for allergies in 2 answers "Personally after taking zyrtec for allergies it started to make me cranky and it made ..."
  • no side effects in 4 answers "I have two children who take Zyrtec daily (ages 12 and 9) with no side effects."
  • took zyrtec while in 2 answers "I took Zyrtec while pregnant.....no problems."
  • your immune system in 2 answers "... that is safe and effective for you and your baby, it builds your immune system ..."