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Mastitis During Pregnancy?

S.H. asks from Kansas City

Has anyone ever heard of or experienced mastitis during pregnancy? If so, how was it treated? I have an appointment with DR in the morning.


Cramping During Pregnancy

R.C. asks from Dallas

There is a good posibility that I could be pregant but I have cramping like I am going to start my period. Has anyone else cramped likes this during very early stage...


Curves During Pregnancy

J.T. asks from Fayetteville

I was curious if anyone does or has done Curves during pregnancy? I just started going back because of having a HORRIBLE first trimester with feeling sick 24/7. I'm 1...


Pregnancy Books

R.E. asks from Washington DC

Hi, I just found out I'm pregnant with my first child! I'm looking for a good pregnancy book. Can anyone make a recommendation? Or a good website?


Pregnancy Tests

N.L. asks from Chicago

Has anyone had issues with a false home pregnancy test? I recently took an unexpired First Response test and it said I was not pregnant, yet I am a few days late. I...


Chiropractor for Pregnancy

K.C. asks from Dallas

Hi I am looking for a good chiropractor that is knowledgeable/experienced with pregnancy in the Plano area...willing to drive to surrounding areas. Thanks!


Pregnancy Tests.

M.C. asks from Chattanooga

Out of curiosity... When you suspect you could be expecting, do you take the test on your own, or do you tell your significant other about it? Hubby and I bou...


Pregnancy Test

M.R. asks from San Juan

i have taken the pregnancy test two times and it says negative is their a possibility that i may be pregnant ?? please help


2Nd Pregnancy

S.O. asks from Washington DC

I am pregnant w/my 2nd child. I have no symptoms except being tired. With my 1st pregnancy i was sick for 5 months. I know every pregnancy is different but it worrie...

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