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Games for 60Th Birthday Party

You sound like a fun person and so sweet to do this for your dad. This is right up my alley, I love to throw parties and play games. ...

What Are Your Family's Rules for Handheld Gaming? (DS, Etc)

You did not mention your children ages. When my children were younger, and we finally gave in to the handheld game frenzy, we allowed play Friday at 5:00 ...

Birthday invitations....yes/no

Your games are good too. Adding a "bozo buckets" type game and anything that would be a version of "pin the (something) on the (something)" A cute game ...

Game Ideas for a Girls 2Nd Birthday Party

Another game if your having the party at home, in your yard you can hide different objects or papers with numbers or whatever on it, whoever finds a number ...

Need Ideas for 9Yo Boy's Sleepover Party ASAP! : )

Some ideas that I have are pull out some of your board games and let them play those. I'm not very creative and probably not much help to you. ...

Baby Shower Games

Oct 11, 2009 ... Congrats on your baby girl, I had my first baby on july 21st a boy. We played the "Poopy Diaper" game at one of my showers. ...

Alternatives to Baby Shower Games

Good morning ~ just an idea that is not related to your game question, because i too was going to recommend the same info as the other post. :-) ...

Best Video Game System for 5 Year Old Girl?

It's all motion controlled, but kid friendly & educational games. Like your daughter, mine also is an internet user. She can use & play the different games ...

Baby Shower Games for Twins

I like the bubble gum game. You give each guest two pieces of gum and they need to sculp the ... Next question: What's Your Favorite Baby Shower Game? ...

Baby Shower Games.

Jun 28, 2009 ... What's in your purse? Here's a link to actually purchase the game (nice game cards already done for you, but you're spending money): ...
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