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How to Tell 3Yr Old About Birth-dad When She Only Knows Step-dad

Just explain that she basically has 2 dads,the dad in the picture is your dad by birth, but your new dad is still your dad. There will be a little confusion ...

Poison Ivy That Won't Go Away

Dear L., I think it is very sweet you are trying to help your dad. He sounds a lot like my dad and it is hard to help him because he is so self sufficient. ...

Single Dad...

At 3 I would simply say everyone has a mom and a dad, but your dad does not live ... I bet some of the other kids are asking your child where his dad is, ...

Father with Cancer

One thing I would suggest you do is video tape your kids playing and having fun. Take the video to your dad so he can watch it while he has his chemo ...

What to Call a Grandparent

Sounds like to me that your husband has more of an issue with your dad ..... Has your dad been Papaw for a long time or is this the first grandchild? ...

My Dad Won't See a Doctor

Your job is to "convince" him to go get checked out. I would confront your dad and say hey, I am really worried about you, let him know that you love him ...

Need Some Gift Ideas for My Dad, He Just Retired & Is Having a birthday***EDITED

My dad is a hunter so we took him to Bonnels (sp?) It is a nice restaurant that has game on the menu. He loved it. You all could take your dad to a nice ...

Colon Cancer

My dad too used to never go to the dr and we were all very worried. He now goes and so don't lose hope, maybe your dad will change his mind a get some help. ...

"Secret" Family History- How Much Do Kids Really Need to Know?

I think that the truth is that your bio dad is not their REAL grandpa ... Your DAD is the one your son needs to know about NOT a man he will never meet ...

Explaining Why There Is No Dad

However, I think its very important to introduce a father figure into her life whether that be your dad, an uncle or just a friend. ...
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