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Medical Bills and Collection

I may be wrong here, but I thought medical bills don't affect your credit score, so I'd pay a minimal amount to the medical bills and tackle the electric ...

Need Information on Debt Consolidation

Then as you pay things off your credit score will go up. Also check the credit report that you get to make sure what is on it is correct. ...

Question Aout Inducing vs Planned C-section

Before you go ahead with an induction, know your Bishop's score. A low score ( less than 8)usually means that the induction will fail because your body isn't ...

Do Banks Check Credit Before Giving You an Account?

I didn't know banks checked your credit in order to open an account. ... It does not ding the credit report and we do not see a score. Thanks! Helpful? ...

How Does Your Bunco Group Play?

Once your turn is over, you don't have to pay anything. Enjoy! Helpful? ... appetizer recipes · your credit score · pay advance · play houses ...

Debt Consolidation Is It Worth It/does It Work???

Sep 2, 2009 ... I do know that it effects your credit score but since my score is not that .... It does affect your credit score which you really need to weigh if that is ...

Paying off Debt

My only advice is to find out what it is going to do to your credit score when all is said and done. Sometimes these things can have a negative effect on ...

Seeking Help to Get Lower Interest Rates

We are planning on doing that ourselves very soon...we have been told on more than one occasion it will help bring up your credit score. ...

IOWA Test Results

My daughter (3rd grade) just got her IOWA test score back. .... your credit score · teaching math · Honor Roll · math high school ...

Need Legal Advice on Hospital Bills

... and I do know that medical collections are not looked at real closely especially if you are paying on the account; but it will affect your credit score. ...
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