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Credit Repair? Good or Waste of Time?

With a copy of your credit report, you can write letters to the credit bureaus ... If you want to clean up your credit, you can call (or write) the credit ...

Financial Advice

You're right about closing your accounts that will effect your credit score ... I would contact the credit card company that you have your debts with and ...

Tax Time/question About Child Tax Credit?

You can still claim his as a dependent you just don't get the tax credit. You can also have your credit amount reduced like my husband and I had as we made ...

Bally Fitness Gym's 30- Day Free Trial... It's a Scam!

I didn't realize that legally it is your credit card company or bank (with a debit card) that is responsible for stopping automatic payments. ...

Tips to Pay of Credit Cards

I followed your instructions, got one of my credit cards to offer me 0% for six ... The good news is that as soon as you pay them off, your credit report is ...

Best Way to Increase Credit Score

This is the first step to make sure that your credit report is accurate. ... It actually hurts your credit score. I am talking from experience. ...

Seeking New Home Financing for Not So Good Credit

3rd I know this is going to sound strange When you made that large payoff your credit score droped Now yes it will raise but that usually takes 36 MONTHS If ...

Transferring Money to Child, Protecting Credit

There are services that you can subscribe to that will protect and insure your credit rating. The one that seems to get the most press is LifeLock. ...

Credit Starter

If you take the money you would be spending on your minimum credit card payment and put ... Please do not get a credit card just to "build your credit" (or ...

Trying to Clean up My Credit

Continue to use your credit card and pay the balance off each month. .... While its commendable,that you have the desire to clean up your credit, ...
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