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What Would You Do If Your Dog Bit Your Baby?

Read all 23 responses: "Hello Moms, Yesterday I was watching my son play with my dog like always. Next thing my dog growls at my son and then bit him on the ...

Glenn Doman "How to Teach Your Baby Math"

Read all 11 responses: "Has anyone read and used this program??? I'm a new mom and I got this book I found on Amazon, it came highly recommended.

Dr. Titzer, Your Baby Can Read Program--Experiences with It?

Read all 4 responses: "I have heard a little about the Dr. Titzer, Your Baby Can Read Program. I A. interested in it, but went to the website and there are ...

Getting Baby on a Schedule

Oct 29, 2009 ... The other thing is cuddle your baby until he's almost asleep and then put him down...if he never gets used to being rocked or held to sleep, ...

Adding Rice Cereal to Bottle

At 7 weeks old your baby should still be taking a bottle every two to three hours anyway. You should never put cereal in a bottle. If you start giving your ...

When Can You Give a Baby a Blanket in Their Crib at Night?

At what age can you use a blanket to cover your baby at night? ..... I suggest using a Halo sleep blanket ... you put it on over your baby's clothes, ...

Real Life Results of "Your Baby Can Read"

Read all 7 responses: "Just wondering if anyone out there has actually bought and used the "Your Baby Can Read" Program. As a former teacher, I am skeptical ...

Life After New Baby

But I do think that your new baby will be just fine even thought there is no ... So I think handling the needs of your new baby is of course a huge task but ...

How Many Ounces of Breast Milk for a 3-Month Old?

It is the much healthier choice for your baby and I applaud your efforts to ... So it is hard to give your baby the right amount of milk when you are not ...

Your Baby Can Read - Anyone Trying This? *UPDATE*

Read all 12 responses: "I've almost bought the Your Baby Can Read materials 3 or 4 times now but they are so expensive. I was just wondering if anyone has ...
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  • halo sleep sack in 3 answers "I would buy a Halo sleep sack."
  • play peek a boo in 2 answers "When we would play peek a boo and she would put a blanket on and off her head on her ..."
  • reason to get rid of the dog in 2 answers "There is no reason to get rid of the dog."
  • wearable blanket in 5 answers "Like a wearable blanket. Neck and arm holes but the rest is a ""
  • flash cards in 6 answers "I have used flash cards since she was about 7 months old."