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Should I Wean My 1 Year Old from the Breast?

You are the only one who knows when to wean your baby...but I think he will .... So as long as your babe is developing normally, I would not worry about the ...

Why my breastfed baby have green poop?

Anyway, it is worth cutting out the milk and seeing if this works - especially if your babe is in pain. The green is due to her gut being unable to digest ...

Trying to Get Our 6 Mo Old to Sleep Through the Night

I wonder, is your baby teething, or starting to crawl? I know that teeth make Charlie sleep shorter than normal hours (2-3 at most when teeth are coming in) ...

Need Help on What to Give My Baby for His Cold

U also said that your baby was not taking it bottle that's serious. I would say get him to a pediatrition asap or even the ER. But until then I would say ...

33 Weeks Pregnant, Problems Breathing?

It would be nice to have a little bump down low :) Anyway, that problem breathing is your baby pressing on your diaphram that is why you feel like you have ...

Acne Treatment During Pregnancy - Salicylic Acid?

Congrats on your babe!!I had AWEFUL acne all over my back my whole pregnancy,it hurt so bad!!Anyway I went to a dermatoligst,she gave me some antibiotic ...

How Do I Teach My Child About Religion? Help!!

I do have a couple of books that may interest you and give you bonding time with your babe. How old is your child? I have one book that is a book with basic ...

Dr Brown's Bottles and BPA... Help! :)

Won't work, sorry to burst your bubble. My son still loves the Dr. Brown's bottles. I have also heard from others that once you give your baby the Dr. ...

Typical Wage Salary for a Nanny?

If the nanny gets sick, you'll need another place for your babe. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. M.W. answers from San Francisco ...

Pumping Issues

Sep 3, 2009 ... Congratulations on your baby I think that most of us pump less milk .... Wishing you lots of easy pumping Way to feed your baby the best ...
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