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Mom and Tampons....

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, I am a 14 year old female, and I am trying to make the transition from pads to tampons for my period. I have used pads ever since I got my period last year. I...


18 Month Old Not Urinating

C.H. asks from New York

I am writing in hopes to get answers of suggestions from other moms on this issue. I am a mom of three and this is the first time I am coming across this issue. My ...


Healthy Male Genitalia

R.J. asks from Seattle

Im simply floored by the number of responders who were horrified at a 7yo boy getting a routine examination of his genitals (instead of a blown off quick glance w no ...


Need Help with Something I Have Never Dealt with Before!

E.O. asks from Amarillo

This is a somewhat sensitive issue! My daughter is almost 7, and has just recently discovered "touching herself". She obviously didn't think it was bad, because she...


Labial Adhesions in 20 Month Old

A.S. asks from Chicago

SO my daughter had a checkup today w/ a new dr. She told us she has an Labial Adhesion. Never heard of it, so i was a little shocked. She prescribed a cream, an estro...


Commercials That Drive You Nuts?

B.C. asks from Dallas

2 that drive me nuts are the lip-syncing to the "national american university" song and the duplo block commercial that has the perfectly behaved young siblings laugh...


Since When It Is Wrong to Choose to Have Only ONE Child?!

T.P. asks from Denver

My husband and I have a beautiful 11-week-old baby girl whom we love more every day. We are very happy with her and it's funny when people already start bugging us ab...



H.F. asks from Atlanta

I am in the process of getting an IUD (referrals, etc.). I have 2 young children, with the youngest 7 months and do not want to get pregnant in the next few years. ...


How to Discuss Having Your Period (Menstration) with a 7Yo 2Nd Grader?

T.M. asks from Los Angeles

My DD is 7yo and in second grade. She has seen tampon dispensers in public bathrooms and has been with me when I buy tampons at the store and has been asking what it ...


Bathing a 5 Year Old

D.D. asks from Chicago

At what point do you let your child start to bathe herself? My daughter seems to be a little young to still do everything (like wash her hair by herself) but I am st...

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