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Losing Weight Advice

There is also yoga. I lost my baby weight from practicing yga for one to two hours a day, and as your baby gets older, he will immatate some yoga postures. ...

How to Control Anger

My son, now 6, has been doing kids yoga since he was 18 months old. In his video the poses are active, so V is for Volcano. And for volcano you start with ...

How Do I Get a 37 Week Baby to Turn? Currently the Baby Is Transverse.

Aug 9, 2009 ... I was scheduled for an external cephalic version to turn the baby, but went online and tried some of the suggested yoga poses (cat, cow, ...

Curves or a Gym?

I also take advantage of the yoga mats they have, and do a bit of my own exercises and yoga postures after my 30 minutes on the circuit. ...

Homework Frustration

I'm thinking 2 breathing activities (bunny breath, Take 5, Lion Breath) and then a few fun yoga poses such as turtle, dog, warrior, etc. ...

Anxiety Attacks?

I tried the deep breathing and even yoga, but could never turn my mind off. ..... the deep breathing in conjunction with restful and restorative yoga poses. ...

Weak Knees with Aging - How to Strengthen?

There are several yoga poses you could practice including the tree pose. Email me if you need more info. [email protected] ...

I'm 33 Wks Pregnant and Baby in Frank Breech Position.

Cat/Cow yoga postures for the same reason. 3.Music on headphones played down low - to get baby to turn to hear! 4. Swimming on your stomach in a pool and ...

Hip Pain When Sleeping

I had so much pain in my hips during my pregnancy, and I found a couple of really good yoga poses & stretches that help! Both she should be able to do ( even ...

25 Wks. Pregnant with Severe Hip Pain

I found that yoga helped tremendously. There are several specific postures for the sciatica-related pain, which I don't recall right off the top of my head, ...
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