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26 Weeks Pregnant, Horrible Mid Back Pain

E.H. asks from Minneapolis

I am at 26 weeks pregnant, getting closer to 27 weeks now and have started experiencing horrible mid-back pain. I experienced this with my first pregnancy, too and n...


Any OB-GYN Specializing in PMS in Los Angeles Area or General Advice to Treat??

Y.P. asks from Los Angeles

Hello MaMas My 30 years old nanny has had very bad case of Premenstrual/menstrual symptoms such as severe cramps and depression (being excessively emotional) during/...


Really Child I'm Trying to Sleep! JFF :)

M.B. asks from Orlando

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and it's seems like this little girl waits til she knows im laying down for bed to do her dancing! It's cute but it drives me nuts! Has anyone's...


Seeking Good Doctor in Woodstock Area

A.R. asks from Atlanta

I was wondering if there is anyone taking anti deppresent meds for there nerves and axiety . my doctor keeps putting me on anti deppresent medication for my nerves an...


Slipping Mattress Pad!

G.T. asks from Philadelphia

i really hope you moms out there can help me with this one! i bought my mattress and mattress pad from Ikea. the mattress pad is about 1 inch or so thick. it makes...


Constant Feeling of Fight or Flight Response a Sign of Adrenal Fatigue?

A.C. asks from Portland

Hi mama's, As we have been figuring out my son's issues I seem to be having my own that I need advice on. Quick update: his hives are from nerves or sress-- appear...


Nausea...Asking All Moms Part II

M.H. asks from Montgomery

Hi ladies! I wrote recently about my problems with nausea. I have some more news for you. I am not a doctor but I honestly believe it is my nerves. I was so bothered ...


Heart Problems or Anxiety?

L.K. asks from Asheville

So recently I have been feeling a dull achy feeling in my chest. Under my left breast to be exact. Its not a sharp stinging pain that comes on quick and then leaves, ...


Looking for a New Psychiatrist

J.T. asks from Detroit

Hi Everyone, I'm in search of a new Psychiatrist. I'm sick of feeling the way I do. I contribute most of this to my meds. not working and my current doctor. I was...


Anxiety and Medication for Children

L.T. asks from Portland

I am wondering if any of you have dealt with your child having anxiety issues and how you have dealt with it? My 9 year old daughter has been having a hard time with...

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  • amino acid in 2 answers "... lots of recommendations to take this vitamin or that mineral or some amino acid ..."
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