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Need Fun Activites for My 3 Year Old

I found purchasing a couple kid friendly workout videos (dancing and even yoga) were great ways to get the kids and myself up off the couch and play around. ...

Should I Buy a Wii Fit?

If you can add some aerobics and maybe get an exercise ball. ... It has yoga, balance games , aerobics and strength workouts and it's perfect for what ever ...

Getting Rid of Mommy Tummy

... the owner of Big Belly Fitness. i have developed a workout that is designed to ... A good place to start is to get a large resistance ball and sit on it as ... Pilates is a series of positions you hold and while yoga is positions as ...

Siatic Nerve Pain...HELP!

If I start to feel any pain in my back or hips, I start doing yoga again, ... The other thing you can do is get a tennis ball, lay on your non effected side and ..... it didn't even feel like a workout but my pain disappeared after the ...

17 Mo. Old Who Refuses to Walk!

The huge ball was so fun for her that she started walking within a week or two. Helpful? .... exercise ball workout · learning to walk ...

How Do I Lose Weight Safely While Nursing?

Get a good yoga DVD and have fun doing it while baby watches. ..... wonderful book and includes exercises you can do with your baby and a stability ball. ... Besides, most celeb moms are not b-feeding and do outrageous workouts and have ...

Exercising Question...

Your workout should never really be the same Frequently change the duration ... workon the floor on big ball with hand weights A great wellrounded workout ...

Exercise Video or Plan for Mom & Daughter

httpwwwcollagevideocomworkoutvideomovengroovek .... You should come and try our Yoga class We have one for kids and one for adults held at the same time ...

Back Pain

Oct 11, 2009 ... He also showed me some great exercises to do on my ball at home. ... Also try to do some light stretching or yoga every other day or so. ...

Tailbone, Sacral Pain While Pregnant

I borrowed a Yoga ball from a friend and it is fun to sit on at home when watching TV and definitely provides relief! Thank you for all your help! ...
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