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Baby Refuses Bottle

What works for my baby is walking him up and down the hallway, lightly bouncing him in my arms, or on the yoga ball. Also, I keep the lights dim or off, ...

How Effective Is Kegels

... as learning a mixture of pilates and yoga techniques and sticking to them. ... When you start to notice greater muscle strength, add the second ball or ...

Need a Good Home-workout Video

And then some yoga relaxation. I got mine at target. It was in a huge box because it also has a small yoga ball in it that is used in the workouts. ...

Excessive Crying Before Sleep

At 3-4 months old, I would rock/nurse(bottle) my babies to sleep-if that doesn't work, try sitting on a yoga ball and gently bouncing him to sleep. ...

Post-partem Support Belt

After my 3rd, I just wore it for 6 weeks then took it off and began working out my abs with pilates and yoga and ball sit ups. Don't get dependent on it, ...

Desperate to Get Body in Shape After Having Triplets

So What Happened?™. Thank you for all the awesome responses! I am SO encouraged and inspired. I'm sitting on my Yoga ball at my desk as we speak :). ...


Jul 27, 2009 ... She brought in a yoga ball for me, brought calming music, held my hand, told my husband what to do, and had many ideas and helpful suggestions. ...

"Must Haves" for Labor and Delivery

Jul 9, 2009 ... when I go into labor with my second child (due in October) the one thing I definitely don't want to forget is my big purple yoga ball! ...

First Time Pregnancy 1 Week over Due with Baby Who Won't Drop

I would suggest, like others have, the exercise ball and yoga moves including circling your hips and any squatting poses (that are safe for pregnancy). ...

Help!! My 6Th Month Old Has Trouble Sleeping!

Yoga ball, rocking chair, ride in the car. He could be still once he fell asleep , but motion helped him get there MUCH faster. Good luck! It's exhausting! ...
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