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What Do You Feed Your Toddler?

Another fast and easy food item it buy some sugar free apple sauce, that's great to have around or some YObaby baby yogurt. I always mix 1 cup of the baby ...

Homemade Infant Biscuits & a Healthy Brand of Yogurt?

Also, the pediatrician said to start on yogurt in a month or so. Been checking the labels of various brands, such as Yo Baby and I see many have sugar in ...

Question Regarding Toddler Boy Having a Yeast Infection

Aug 25, 2009 ... Organic Yogurt (Yo-Baby) is great for the digestive system and it helps stop and prevent yeast infections if you can get him to eat it ...

Feeding Without Teeth!

Hi there, I started to give my baby girl YoBaby yogurt when she was about 6 months old. maybe younger. It's an organic food that you find with the other ...

Allergic Reaction to Yogurt - I Think

I started my 10month old on YoBaby yogurt yesterday. (Super Baby Food Book says you can start at 8mo) He had two messy dirty diapers in the afternoon, ...

Almost 7 Months...

my daughter is just now 7 mos also, and she'll eat a full yo baby cup amount of yogurt for each of 3 meals (she had trouble gaining weight, so her cereal ...

How Should an Infant Be Before Introducing Yogurt?

Hi A., I started my girls all on yogurt as I started baby food when they were about 6 ... I started my girls between 6-8 months with the YoBaby yogurt. ...

5 Month Old with a Recurring Yeast Infection

You may want tot try feeding him YoBaby yogurt in the cup or drink able. If you are breast feeding you can eat more yogurt. You can also buy over the ...

What Can I Feed My 11 Month Old Baby

My 10-month-old hasn't wanted to eat baby food for about a month now. He LOVES Yo, Baby yogurt, waffles, pancakes, goldfish baby crackers, grapes (cut up in ...

10 Month Old Won't Eat Babyfood.

Some good ideas are: yogurt, the kind make with whole milk like Yo-baby, .... I occasionally have success getting my son to eat the Yo-Baby yogurt. ...
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