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2 1/2 y.o. Changing Sleep Schedule?

Read all 5 responses: "So, I'm trying to determine if my 2 1/2 yo dd actually ... I would say ditch the naps, you don't need them when baby number two comes ...

Real Life Results of "Your Baby Can Read"

Read all 7 responses: "Just wondering if anyone out there has actually bought and used the "Your Baby Can Read" Program. As a former teacher, I am skeptical ...

When Baby Can Have Yogurt?

I gave her the Yo-Baby yogurt, especially for infants. It is organic and it comes in a variety of flavors, her favorite being the vanilla/banana one (yellow ...

Butter in Baby Food?

Has anyone ever been instructed to add melted butter or oil to your baby's food? My daughter is on the small side. At 6 months, she weighs 11 pounds. ...

Looking for Sample Menu's for My 10 Month Old

I see you are a working mom, so you probably are looking for ideas that are easy to incorporate into your baby's diet without too much fuss. ...

Need Advice for Older Baby Who Does Not Want to Drink!

It's so stressful when your baby stops eating as much, isn't it? My son did the same thing during the same time, and it seem to be because of teething. ...

Any Moms with Babies on Enfamil Nutramigen?

At about ten and a half months and well after she was on solids (including yo baby yogurt) I asked her pediatrician if I could transition her over to ...


So we bought Yo Baby 2 weekends ago and he just loves it. thank you so much ... Stick to the yobaby yogurt since it's made with whole milk and is full of ...

When Do I Stop Giving My Baby Her Bottle and Formula?

Along the nutritional side, if your baby is eating a well rounded variety of fruits, veggies, and meats and milk (via my pediatrician) they are getting ...

Advice on When to Move Baby to Whole Milk

A friend of mine that also have twins girls the same age as mine said to start out with the Yo Baby yogurt first because that is made with whole milk and ...
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  • onto cows milk in 2 answers "... to stay on it until she was a year old when I'd begin weaning onto cow's milk."
  • yobaby yogurt in 4 answers "I second the yobaby yogurt nomination."
  • extra nutrients in formula in 2 answers "I think they need all of the fats and extra nutrients in formula when they are still ..."
  • had acid reflux in 3 answers "... because we were so calm and we told her it was and she said he had acid reflux."
  • yo baby yogurt in 2 answers "I gave her the Yo-Baby yogurt, especially for infants."