yeast infection on my nipple

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10 Month Old Daughter Has Yeast Infection

I had to apply the diaper cream to their diaper area and on my nipples after nursing. .... My 10 month old daughter just got over a yeast infection herself. ...

Worst Pain of My Life, Help!!!

It sounds an awful lot like the yeast infection I had when my son was about a .... He made a small incision just above my nipple and it was full of puss. ...


And if my nipple pain continues, I may try the vinegar, just in case! ... If not , she probably has a yeast infection. You can take her in, especially if ...

3 Yo Daughter with Sore/itchy Nipple

I noticed a couple weeks ago that my 3 yo dd was rubbing her right nipple ... She could have a yeast infection, you can get yeast infections on ur nipples ...

Problems with Nursing My 9 Month Old

... of your nipple white and does heat from a hair dryer on low ease the pain I was originally thought to have a yeast infection and treated myself and my ...

What to Do About Thrush???

But then, my nipples started to become VERY sore all of a sudden, ... I don't believe the other twin can get it as it's just a yeast infection of the mouth ...

Treatment of Thrush

I treated my nipples and baby's mouth with gentian violet 2 times a day for 4 .... My yeast infection got pretty bad and extremely painful and I had to be ...

Breastfeeding Woes

Read all 20 responses: "What to do about yeast infection on the nipple while ... Also I had to use a cream on my nipples and my son had to have a medicine ...

How to handle thrush on nursing mom?

Read all 32 responses: "I've developed thrush on my breasts. ... It sounds like a yeast infection due to sweating. Believe me, I've tried it all, ...

Stabbing Pain After Breastfeeding

My lactation consultant said it was a yeast infection IN the breast (not just the nipple) - my son was put on Nystatin cream and I was told to put that on ...
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  • gentian violet in 5 answers "I never tried the gentian violet."
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  • gentian violet in 3 answers "I used gentian violet. This is purple liquid that kills the yeast."