Yeast Infection

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3 Yr. Old Vaginal Itching

Yes, it is possible for her to have a yeast infection. ... I would say that she has a yeast infection. Probably just an external one I would assume first. ...

4 Year Old Itching

Little girls are prone to yeast infections just like little girls, ... If she is itchy and red around her vagina it could be a yeast infection or a vaginal ...

Itchy Vaginal Area

I will have terrible itching and burning similar to a yeast infection ..... If you over treat for a yeast infection you can develop vaginitis which has ...

Toddler with Yeast in Ear

He said these yeast infections are very difficult to get rid of. It takes regularly suctioning the ears out and treating the fungus then drying the ear out ...

Advice on Almost 15Month Old's Rash

I was thinking it could be a yeast infection or just a rash? .... I suggest you either try something over the counter for yeast infections, like Monistat, ...

Bad Diaper Rash

Yeast infection from too much moisture, or food reaction and again, ... In either instance, the moisture against the rash creates a yeast infection. ...

8 Months Pregnant and Experiencing Vaginal Itching!

Jun 3, 2009 ... Whether it's excema or a yeast infection, stop using soap! .... Sorry to Be Yucky, Anyone Have a Yeast Infection Every Month? ...

Terrible Diaper Rash-poss. Yeast Infec. from Omnicef

If it is a yeast infection, I'm not sure if this will help. ... My daughter has terrible yeast infections as a infant and young child. ...

Is This Normal? Could It Be Part of the Mucus Plug?

I'd be concerned that you are showing signs of a yeast infection. You should discuss this with your care provider. Hugs! Helpful? ...

My 3 Yr Old Has a White Coated Tongue... Any Thoughts?

Its like a mouth yeast infection. She needs a prescription for Nystantin (think that is the spelling). It works very well. Good luck! ...
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