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I have a dog that was doing this constantly. We took her to a animal dermatologist and we found out she had a yeast infection in her toe nails. ...

How to Get Rid of Fleas

Giving your Dog Garlic capsuls and Brewer's yeast is a great natural way to lessen the problem. We eat a lot of Garlic, too. It helps to keep mosquitos and ...

My Little Bichon Scratching All the Time Is Driving Me Crazy

This helps balance the ph and helps prevent yeast infections. You'll want to do it outside because the dog will smell like pickle until it dries (after it ...

Help for Dog with Skin Problems

How old is the dog? Most likely the odor that is being given off is from either a bacterial infection or a yeast infection on the skin. ...

Tick Problem

This should get rid of any pest that may get on your dog. Go to the health food store and get some brewer's yeast powder. Sprinkle a small amount, ...

Who Else Is Concerned with Chemicals Marketed for Pet Flea Control?

Dogs love the taste of Brewer's Yeast and garlic but fleas hate it. Also, I have a recipe that includes Jojoba oil that you sponge on your dog's coat after ...

Help with Letters and Numbers in 4-1/2 Year Son

Cut out sugars, cheese, yeast based products and ose's (frutcose,sucrose etc. ..... of the blue dogs in one pen and all of the green dogs in the other pen. ...

Any Suggestions for Getting Rid of Ticks?

Read all 24 responses: "in the past 4 weeks, ticks have invaded my dogs, ... Once you get rid of the initial infestation, adding Brewer's Yeast to their ...

8 Year Old Agressive

I'll check into the yeast thing. First thing I need point out. this is not .... that he needed to stay away from dogs and not be on the ground with them and ...

Does Anyone Know Anything About Ringworm?

I use womens yeast medicine on it and it goes away. But..." ... Dogs and cats can be infected with ringworm, too, and they can pass it to people through ...
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