yeast diaper rash

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Diaper Rash

If its not going away with normal treatments of diaper rash cream then its probably a yeast infection. I would call the doctor and have her seen. ...

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is an external yeast infection. Try on a small spot first and see ..... Her diaper rash is most likely a yeast infection due to the antibiotics ...

Diaper Rash

If you have already made sure it's not yeast, try pure corn starch. I swear that it works....I've seen it work on diaper rash that NOTHING else would even ...

Yeast Rash in 2 Year Old

If it ends up being yeast (after going to the doctor), there is a cream I would try. My son had a diaper rash and they did everything from steriods to a ...

Diaper Rash? or Something Else?

Have you seen the doctor to see if maybe it is a yeast infection. When my son was an infant he had a "diaper rash" that wouldn't quit and everything I did ...

Diaper Rash Won't Go Away

My daughter ended up having a yeast infection. They can often look like a diaper rash. We just use over the counter Yeast infection cream for ladies. ...

Reocurring Diaper Rash

It's a type of yeast infection. The diaper rash part can vary on how long before it clears up. The mouth part is usually from kids sharing their pacifiers ...

17 Month Old with Strange Rash in the Private Area

It does not look like a typical diaper rash which he has suffered with in the. ... def sounds like a yeast infection.. my son had it once and the dr gave us ...

Diaper Rash

The doctor told me for a yeast diaper rash to use Lotrimine. ... In my opinion, I think it's all just diaper rash (yeast or not), and is very common even ...

Cloth Diapers & Diaper Rash

5) YEAST DIAPER RASH - If it is bright red w/bumps, you might want to call your pediatrician to determine if it is a yeast(fungal) diaper rash. ...
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