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What Birth Control Do You Suggest? Anyone Used Mirena?

I was on yasmin which I loved. periods regular and not long but still had bad cramping and heavy bleeding. Afeter my second baby I decided I wanted to wait ...

New to Birth Control Pills

if that pill doesnt work for you try YASMIN the best pill. Helpful Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. Next question Birth Control Pills ...

Birth Control Pill

I was on Yasmin before I started Yaz for about a year and never gained a pound, so I'm thinking that it was probably just my eating habits and not the pill. ...

Anybody Taking Errin or Micronor Birth Control Pills?

I am nursing my second child in his 19th month while taking Yasmin and have noticed little, if any decreased supply. I drink almost a gallon of water a day ...

Birth Control Options

I've done this for years with Yasmin. The only thing- when you take the pill like this, it can take longer to ovulate again after you go off it to try for a ...

PCOS Help?

the Yasmin birth control pill (a safer more natural hormone), I saw their dietitian and eventually had my larger cysts removed laproscopically by the Mayo ...


Sep 15, 2009 ... I am on Yasmin. We were shocked at the accusations and I made an appointment ... It's just that most women now take Yasmin, Yaz, or Ocella. ...

Mini-pill Birth Control

Oct 29, 2009 ... I was on Yasmin for many years before I stopped to conceive and has no problems with that either. My skin is not as clear as it was with the ...

Long Periods

It took several months, but I am using Yasmin this time and it seems to be working. Good luck. I know it is very frustrating and annoying ...

Pediatrician in Hayward or Castro Valley

Nov 17, 2009 ... My sister takes her kids to see Dr. Yasmin Carim (also part of the same group) but I don't think she's taking new patients. ...
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  • low carb diet in 2 answers "The recommendations are usually the low-carb diet, 1 hr walking per day, plus lifting ..."
  • birth control pills in 3 answers "I could not take birth control pills due to high blood pressuref and the iud was my ..."
  • took the mini pill in 2 answers "... the pill, it is the breastfeeding that makes you irregular. I took the mini pill ..."
  • period every 3 months in 2 answers "... the option (with the pill I'm already taking) to have my period every 3 months."
  • being on the mini pill in 2 answers "I have definitely gained weight since being on the mini pill, but I wouldn't say it's ..."