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10 Mo. Old Grandson Dx'ed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

... into the fleece ones she can make just by hand stitching with yarn the edges , ... She can scrapbook, write, knit, etc. It will not be fun on so many ...

Just "Mom" and "Wife".... Where Did "I" Go?

If you dont know how to crohet or knit I would be willing to teach you I know .... and you can always find yarn onsale or at the goodwill or something like ...

Best Baby Shower Gift You Received

It is really easy and can be used over and over. the kit is about $15 and you will need one small knitting hook but you can use whatever yarn and make an ...

Help from Cloth Diaper Users Please!

Then I learned to knit because I wanted to try wool covers but couldn't afford $30 each, but could afford $5 for yarn. Now I'm sewing my own fitted diapers ...

Activity & Lessons - Arts & Crafts (Crochet/Knitting/Quilting for Kids)

Activity & Lessons - Arts & Crafts (Crochet/Knitting/Quilting for Kids) ... Next question: Knitting! ... Looking for Yarn ...

Slumber Party Ideas for 11 Year Old

Knit caps at the dollar store are very cheap ($1.00) and using the buttons .... (before the party started is tie one end of a thing of yarn to a girls name. ...

Need EASY but Adorable Sewing Ideas for Baby

You can buy the skeins of yarn at Walmart for $1.50. .... I made a bunch of knit hats for my babies. I bought a cheap one for like a quarter at a thrift ...

SIDS Worry

But once you stop swaddling, don't use blankets -- especially knitted ones b/c they can pick at the yarn and cause a strangulation. ...

Christmas Decorations

Sep 25, 2009 ... I started w/after Thanksgiving sales buying my yarn. ... I've got several crochet (some knit) patterns, an entire book of craft & Christmas ...

Daughter Pulling off Diaper

If you can knit, there are free patterns (just email me and I'll point you ... can make a wool soaker out of one skein of wool yarn (about $5 at Michaels). ...
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