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Punishment for Sneaking Out at Night

Read all 27 responses: "Hi, My daughter, 16 years old, and her three friends sneaked out of our home last night and we noticed this at 4 am!

8 Month Will Eat Baby Food at Daycare, but Refuses at Home

While he is focusing on picking up the food you can sneak some spoonfuls of baby food in. My daughter was completely off baby food by 10 months. ...

How to Make a 16 Mon Girl Want to Ear/ Drink More

Nov 9, 2009 ... and still does! many toddlers are picky and you can sneak foods in what they like. you can sneak in pureed carrots or sweet potato in ...

Breast Milk Insufficient, Trying "More Milk Plus"/Fenugreek, How Long to Work?

Also, see if you can sneak in a pumping session at night after your daughter goes to bed so you have a little extra for your next working day. ...

When Can You Take down the Baby Gate?

(For example, if he's downstairs with the rest of the guys and I'm in the kitchen cooking bacon, I put up the gate so he can't sneak in a surprise me while ...

Need Meal Ideas for 15 Month Old

THe gerber grads are good though and they help me sneak in some of the horrible veggies. Okay so here are some dinners and lunches my son usually does nto ...

Throwing Food/picky Eater

I wish I could remeber the book but there is a book out there about how to sneak veggies into meals that they likesneaky chef ...

Seeking Advice on Dealing with My Rude Teen Age Daughter (15 Yrs)

... were so inconsistent Theyd ground me and then let me off the hook when I would cry and beg or if they didnt I would just sneak out and do it anyway Now ...

13-Month-old Throwing Food and Not eating--HELP!

You may have to sneak in a bite of the veggies, and qikcly sneak in the ... I am not above sneaking in things!!! Meals can be rough, and once you find ...

Picky Eater

Also, I sat with them and had a spoon or fork myself and would sneak in ... It works great to give them something to do on their own while you sneak in some ...
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