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NW Side - Office Asst. Needed for My Small Business

I'm writing you to express interest in the office assistant position that you are ... I have a resume and some references available if you would like more ...

Seeking Advice About Job Situation

My question is should i look for other employment? is the writing on the wall ... I agree with the previous advice, it doesn't hurt to put your resume out ...

PhD Gift Suggestions?

... at her elementary to help us help our kids with improving their writing skills) ... If not maybe a professional resume service? A nice breif case, ...

Help with Brother and Sister In-Law

Try calling her or writing her a letter and just let her know that you did .... If I put that badly, I'm sorry, but I'd also like us to resume talking like ...

Looking for Pediatrician That Will Split the MMR Vaccine

He said it was to dry up my milk as I would ''never'' be able to resume nursing. ... or writing a prescription for medication which may or may not help, ...

Job Title Suggestions!

I've been writing down "Keeper of the Little People", one of the suggestions ... I would refer them to the resume and say that I was taking care of my two ...

Seeking Homework Tips

... and when I am ready to resume the homework, I shout out "2 minutes left" to prepare her when ... Also, he is writing it out or doing it on the computer? ...

Online Schools

Most of the work consists of posting to topical forums or writing papers (my ... I like how that looks on a resume better. Best of luck to you! Helpful? ...

How Long to Fully Recover from Tear During Childbirth?

We waited 8 wks to resume intercourse, the first time was so painful we had to stop, ... I am writing simply to say that I place great confidence in a well ...

Maternity Leav

... your company will not budge on the issue, I would think about floating your resume around. ... You have it in writing that they approved 12 weeks, yes? ...
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