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How to soothe eczema on a 13 months old baby?

Those soaps, detergents, fabric softeners are the worst for skin. Also, avoid baby shampoos and soaps these also contain ingredients that works up an eczema ...

Help with Stain Removal

Carrots and Sweet potatoes are always the worst. This may help a little. ... messy clothes in the kitchen sink with water and dishwasher detergent. ...

Red Rash on My Son!!

Nov 5, 2009 ... He might have developed a mild allergy to laundry detergent or .... I have pictures at his worst I could email you to see if it is similar. ...

Need Advice on New Washer/dryer

My detergent's scoop is probably about 1/4 cup and I have always only filled it halfway. With this washer, I only fill ... Your Worst Holiday Horror Story ...

Cloth Diapering 101

Those seem to be the worst! So get yourself some cheap chianese prefolds and a ... I use Country Save liquid detergent and have never had a leak problem. ...

My Halloween Costumes Have a Funny Smell, and I Can't Get Rid of It. Help!

Have you tried washing them in Surf detergent? It is good at removing odors. .... Elizabeth D added this item : It wasn't worst when we did it, ...

How Do I Get Rid of Eczema!!!

Make sure you are using a free of everything detergent to wash their clothes, bedding, ... My son got his worst breakouts in the start of winter and summer. ...

Melted Crayons in Wash!

I think it was a regular measure of detergent, a coup of borax and a half box of ... The worst part was the WD-40 smell but I think I may have used too much ...

Almost 3 Year Old's SEVERE Dry Skin

First stop washing his clothes in just any kind of detergent use All Free and Clear...this is .... but your poor son is obviously getting the worst of it. ...

Need Help with Baby Eczema- Does Hypoallegenic Formula Help?

Oct 19, 2009 ... I use a non-toxic detergent and bath and lotion products. .... A few months later her pedi said she had the worst case of eczema he had seen ...
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  • nail polish remover in 3 answers "I used finger nail polish remover in my dryer when my husband left a pen in his pocket."
  • non chlorine bleach in 2 answers "I guess the non-chlorine bleach brightens the clothes and the dishwasher detergent ..."
  • they keep it behind the counter in 2 answers "I got it at Wal-mart in the pharmacy. They keep it behind the counter and you have ..."
  • cup dishwasher detergent in 2 answers "... stained with unknowns take 1 cup non chlorine bleach, 1 cup dishwasher detergent ..."
  • from bath and body works in 2 answers "... Formula,anything with Shea Butter...we get the lotion from Bath and Body Works ..."