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Child Immunizations

T.L. asks from Houston

Hi, does anyone know of where I can go get free immunizations for my 3 yr old daughter? She's only in need of 2 so she can be up to date, but I would really want her ...


Career Counseling

L.D. asks from Dallas

Hello! My husband is 42 and has worked in restaurants all of his life. He currently owns his own restaurant, but does not make any money. He needs to start a new care...


Section 8 Housing

J.L. asks from Dallas

Hello i am asking for info reguarding my section 8 housing.... I am currently renting a 3 bedroom apartment and i currently lost all income except for my sons disabil...


SAHM To Working Mom

K.M. asks from Portland

I am currently a SAHM, and I am ready to go back to work full time. It has been a short while since I worked a full time job. I do have pt work and volunteer projects...


Single Mom. Does Anyone Know or Have a Decent Stay at Home Job.

D.A. asks from Dallas

I'am in such a pinch. I'am single mom of two. It is very hard for me to shell out childcare money every week, and it is very hard doing this by myself because I work ...


Looking for a Good Daycare Center near 77077

S.M. asks from Houston

Does anyone know of a good daycare for a 2 year old and 3 year old near zip 77077 or 77042?


Sahm/returning College Student Needing Advice

A.S. asks from Houston

Hi, I'm a mother of a 3 yr old and a 3 mo old. I had planned to return to college in the fall to take the last 5 pre-requisite courses for nursing school (which I ...


What to Do with a 14 Yr Old over the Summer?

T.K. asks from Houston

School will be ending soon and I am trying to find something for my 14 yr old daughter to do over the summer. Left to her own devices she will most likely sit in fro...


SAHM Feeling Hopeless About Job Search

F.D. asks from New York

I have posted before about my dilemma. I've been a SAHM since late 2008, lived overseas for 2 years and then came back to the US in 2010. I've been looking for a jo...


We All Know I LOVE Pot-stirring...

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

So, I ask another question. When the govt is the "caretaker", and we all want some 'say' over how this money is used: what kind of car a recipient drives, the value...

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  • applaud you for going back to school in 2 answers "... the choices that you are making, and I applaud you for going back to school."
  • re enter the workforce in 2 answers "... your little one(s). Then add that you are now ready to re-enter the workforce ..."
  • making poor choices in 3 answers "I will not enable those people to continue making poor choices at my expense."
  • welfare recipients in 2 answers "... are MANDATORY in order to receive your check...not saying all welfare recipients ..."
  • there should be some sort in 2 answers "I think there should be some sort of checks and balances to make sure people who are ..."