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Workouts for Weight Loss?

J.W. asks from Seattle

I am 24, have 3 kids and they have done a number on my body... I'm a SAHM, but try to get to the gym once a day for atleast an hour. I am pear shaped, so my main prob...


Physical Fitness During Periods...

O.P. asks from New York

Strange questions that much touch on the side of TMI, but here we go...So to all the Ladies out there who workout - Do you work out while on your period? If so. do y...


Good Exercise Videos

J.K. asks from Casper

I'm thinking about starting a morning routine with exercise DVD's. Doea anyone have a tried and true workout DVD(s) that they can recommend? I'm in "fair" physical ...


Who Excersises at Home?

N.A. asks from Minneapolis

I need tips and motivation. I have a gym membership, but don't make it there enough to see results and I would really like to lose some weight and tone up. I am reall...


Nothing Works

L.L. asks from Los Angeles

I am desperate. I am trying to so hard to lose weight. I don't go to the gym just because we can't afford the monthly fees. Our family eats fairly healthy. We don...


Kettlebell Workouts

S.A. asks from Chicago

I need some opinions on kettlebell workouts. Are they effective? I would like to do more with weights and I can't join a gym due to finances. Which one is the ...


Wii Fit What's All the Hype?!

A.F. asks from Detroit

I recently purchased a Wii Fit Plus and wanted feedback from those of you who have and/or are using it. Pros/Cons, has it worked for you (loosing weight), what have ...


Teen Exercise

C.F. asks from Philadelphia

Thanks so much to those you responded to my question on yoga/pilate dvd for teens. Are there any other exercise dvd for teens that would be fun and provide a great...


Getting Juiced!!

S.C. asks from Dallas

as i watch how incredible Jack La Lane looks, i want his juicer machine!! how many of you juice and what juicer would you recommend? i am looking into eating he...


Aerobic/Exercise Dvd's for Children

S.S. asks from Raleigh

I'm looking for suggestions on dvd's pertaining to an invigorating workout that is geared for children 6+. My almost 3 son has been all over me while I work out and h...

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