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Finding a New Doctor

He does lots of volunteering in foreign coutries for people who need dental work . OB/GYN - can't say enough about his warm personality and work ethics. ...

Giving an Allowance?

It teaches good work ethic for later in life. Also you won't be able to keep soda and candy from him forever, maybe make a compromise, one week he can have ...

Stealing at Age 11

Oct 28, 2009 ... children age · writing paper · cell phone directory · phone number directory · work ethics · will writing · germany flag · With Love ...

Television Watching and Small Children

She has great values & work ethics. I believe she learned from every aspect of her life. I now watch my 2 year old grandson during the day. ...

Too Much to Do Not Enough Time to Do It.

2) teaches them responsibility. and 3) gives them good work ethics. Not only do my kids rotate between the dining room (setting the table and clearing it ...

What Is Your Opinion of Teens Taking a "Gap Year" Between H.S and College?

We went straight into career mode and our experience and work ethics put us much further into our careers than school would have done for us - not to ...

Private vs Public

When the values, work ethic, and involvement are not consistent at home to support a child's education then there will be challenges at school no matter ...

Sensitive Son

His teacher/trainer believed in hard work and good ethics and morals. ... It helped him in school too, the work ethics that were instilled in him. ...

Boycotting Fundraisers

More importantly, I believe the children should be taught better work ethics- let them make something and put on a sale, let them do carwashes- something ...

Insurance After an Accident?

Dealerships are not the best places to have work done; I have worked in both dealerships and in private-owned body shops, and it depends upon the ethics of ...
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