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Rainbow Play Systems: Good or Bad?

Read all 9 responses: "We are considering some outdoor play equipment ... The metal things that hold the swings rusted into the wood, so we could no longer ...

Swing Set Safety

If you have any doubts about the safety of the wood, you can use a quality outdoor paint or waterproof sealant so there is no direct contact with the wood. ...

Ideas About Playstructure for the Backyard

The assembly, what to put on the ground to pad falls ( sand, wood chips, outdoor carpet, real or "fake grass" or foam pads ( gray squares sold in four packs ...

Border for Around Swing Set

I need opinions on what type of border to put around our swingset wood, ... We are going to be doing an outdoor play area also and are going to just use ...

Preventing Spiders on Our Backyard Playset and Play House

I was aggravated to see that spiders are attracted to our plastic outdoor play structure too--I thought they were supposed to prefer wood! ...

Seeking Outdoor Locations for Portraits in Kansas City and St. Louis

Seeking Outdoor Locations for Portraits in Kansas City and St. Louis ... Parkway on Antioch) Antioch park has a bunch of wood fencing that would photograph ...

Looking to Buy a Great Swing Set for Our 3-Year-old

The set is made from cedar....no splinters, no pressure treated wood chemicals, and it never needs to be .... Recommendation Needed for Outdoor Playset ...

What Stain to Use on Deck

I finally gave up and just went with an indoor/outdoor carpet. ... I love my wood deck but I don't want to stain it every year either :) If I can help an ...

Backyard Play Area

We have wood mulch under ours. We considered rubber mulch, but rubber mulch can be very ... Outdoor play area, you use grass. Why would you put some ...

How Do You Reposition a Grand Piano

... piano technicians and I can guarantee that rolling the piano on hardwood floors will gouge the wood badly. ... You do have to be able to lift up the furniture a little to put these underneath, ... hardwood · outdoor patio furniture ...
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  • had rubber mulch in 2 answers "We have had rubber mulch under our swing set for about 7 years now."
  • metal swing set in 2 answers "I have decided to go with a metal swing set."
  • few poisonous ones in 2 answers "... your daughter can learn about them and how to recognize the few poisonous ones ..."
  • charged about dollars in 2 answers "Then, they replaced the part for free, but charged about $75."
  • made by rainbow in 2 answers "... of research on this a few years back and the safest sets were made by Rainbow ..."