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11 Month Old Eating Everything in Sight

Currently,her favorite things are spines of books and now that I've removed those from her reach, she's eating her wooden blocks and wooden puzzles. ...

Annoying Electronic Toys

Wooden blocks, toy sorters, ect... Age appropriate gifts. I hope that the parents take notice. I make sure to call and ask what the child is into and try to ...

Birthday Gift for 6 Year Old Boy

25 Aug 2009 ... My son loves building kits of all kinds--Legos, Knex, wooden blocks. My older son was more into sports, so outdoor toys worked for him. ...

Christmas Gift Idea for 2 Year Old Boy

big set of big wooden blocks! depending on your space, perhaps a small trampoline. one of those pop-up crawl thru tunnels? ...

Looking for Fun Table Top Activities for 3 to 5 Year Olds

Wooden blocks or a building set (such as Legos, Tinker Toys, or Lincoln Logs). You can add pictures of small finished designs to copy if you like. ...

Stocking Stuffers for 9 Month Old

Blocks. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ... a small set of colored wooden blocks and a small box of cheerios. ...

Looking for Creative Gift Ideas

Photo clocks -- buy a piece of finished wood at Walmart in the craft section ... (or laminate them) -- then we're going to glue them to wood blocks that are ...

Empire Flooring

13 Aug 2009 ... It only required a table saw, wood floor adhesive, hammers, wood blocks & you need to purchase molding. Helpful? ...

Seeking Advice for Toys

My son loves blocks. He is only 9 months old, but he loves my older girls (2 and 5) wood blocks and the mega blocks. I have been looking at the bouncing ...

Need Suggestions for Gifts for One Year Old Twins

25 Aug 2009 ... baby einstein dvds in 2 answers toys riding push bikesno peddles wooden letter blocks Baby Einstein DVDs; ball popper in 2 answersThe ball ...
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  • annoying electronic toys in 2 answers "I totally agree about the annoying electronic toys."
  • include the gift receipt in 2 answers "... someone could help with some popular series books). Include the gift receipt ..."
  • lots of buttons to push in 2 answers "It has lots of buttons to push, blows bubbles, plays songs, and he can push or ride ..."
  • baby einstein dvds in 2 answers "... toys riding push bikes (no peddles) wooden letter blocks Baby Einstein DVDs ..."
  • small board books in 3 answers "I got things like slippers, socks, small board books...and it's cheap:)"