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Some Advice......

He works with mostly men but there are a couple of women that work with ... Well I am putting myself in your shoes... and it would be irritating to me too. ...

Need a Second Job That Doesn't Require Too Much Time Away from Home

... have advice for a second job but I do have several friends who have been in your shoes. ... We are founded on the principle of enriching women's lives. ...

How Can I Get My 24 Month Old to STOP Toe Walking?

Can the hard bottom shoes really correct the toe walking? ... All the women in my family have short tendons in our heals, but I'm the only one who ...

24 Yrs Old and Having a Mamogram

Read all 15 responses: "Hey mamasource women. I'm a 24 yr old women with three ... I have not only been in your shoes, but am trained in the medical ...

Considering Anti-depressants

23 Sep 2009 ... I would suggest some exercise and these vitamins: a Women's One Daily multivitamin, ... I STRONGLY recommend womens' Bodies, Womens' Wisdom by Christiane ...

Do Big Babies Come Early?

You sound to be in the same shoes as I was when I was told my baby was "NOT ... way to know for sure if a baby will fit through any women's pelvic region. ...

How is your experience with paragard vs. Mirena?

I spoke to my nurse today and she said some women have it for 3 to 6 months. I look forward to not having it. ..... women's walking shoes · periods spotting ...

Seeking Advice on Second Delivery. to VBAC or Not to VBAC

Anyone that has been in my shoes, I can sure use some advice. thanks, S. ..... Women have been doing it for millions of years. I went with a natural child ...

My 11 1/2 Month Old Won't Sleep Through the Night

I've been amazed at other women's ideas that seem so obvious to them. That's why we all love to exchange ..... wide women shoes · window air conditioning ...

Anyone Had IUI Procedures?

We're at the OB right now who "has a special interest" in treating women with PCOS. ... I've been sitting in your shoes...it's a tough place to be. ...
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