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Can You Have Breast Feeding Depression

Read all 9 responses: "I just recently quit breast feeding my son is 10 ... I talked to a couple of women about this at the time and they had the same ...

Breast Lift

There is scarring, but a lot of women I saw have it done, were extremley satisfied with the outcome. .... women breast · breast augmentation surgery ...

6 Month Old Won't Drink Frozen Breast Milk

My husband, MIL, and myself have tried to give my son frozen breast milk over the .... some women have a fat to protein ration in their milk that alters the ...

Breast Feeding

I think some men have issues with women breatfeeding because they feel like those (your breast) were his and now he has to share! I breast feed for 2 months ...

Birth Control While Breast Feeding

Read all 9 responses: "Is anyone breast feeding while on birth control? ... Even though it is not supposed to decrease supply, some women have said that it ...

Exercise During Breast Feeding

I like to swim but currently I breast feed my 3 months old baby. ... some women have a hard time sustaining a milk supply while exercising so make sure if ...

Breast Pumps

Read all 24 responses: "Hi, I would like recommendations for breast pumps. ... at breastfeeding.com - I am positve that some women there could help you! ...

When Do I Prepare My Breast to Breastfeed?

i was wondering if theres a way to get my nipples ready for breast .... I highly recommend going to a La Leche League meeting -- wonderful women with lots ...

Best Time to Pump?

Read all 14 responses: "What is the best time to pump breast milk? ... Some women are also just big milk producers and can nurse AND pump so they can store ...

Embarrasing Breast Question

After breast feeding 2 kids my boobs are literally almost nonexistant. My ribs however are a 38, or according to bra ... breast girls · women breast ...
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