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Which Camcorder Is Best? Have VHS Model but Thinking of Getting a DVD Model

... can edit it with software such as Windows Movie Maker (it came with our PC). .... This too you can download onto your computer and then edit it on your ...

Can I Have Your Cleaning Schedule

Then, I try to tackle a room a day and wash walls, clean windows, blinds, ... I think it's an $8 download, but very nice if you like to work from a hard ...

Looking into Buying a Digital Camera

I love to snap sunsets and sunrises from out windows. ... to take your memory card right out and then put it in your printer (or even PC when you download). ...

How to Lease a House

... such as washer dryer, microwave, fridge, blinds, windows screens etc. ..... You can download forms by yourself online or you can hire a realtor to do ...

Seeking Advise on Children on Myspace

If your kids use the computer under their own Windows desktop, run a search on ... you can go to and download a program for I think $30. ...

" Want to Sell My House....HELP"

Wash all windows. Declutter every room so that no potential buyer will know ... You can download the documents you need for someone to buy your house from ...

How to save on Grocery Bill

I can get info on all stores and download coupons, see upcoming sales, chats, ..... just about everything - sinks, counters, mirrors, and windows. ...

EEK Need Help with Scorpions.

... that I invite you to download, they can be found at .... He put it around all the windows and doors! After a while we stopped ...

Setting up a Household Schedule

Like for example, Mon. dust everywhere, Tues. wash all windows, ..... There is a "Control Journal" for everyone that you can download or create yourself, ...

Keeping a Toddler Entertained on a Road trip...ideas?

Download stories and songs from fisher-price. Has headphones. ... game and roll the windows down for a second and get really loud and act like the wind was ...
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